CBD Rosin — What Is It and How Can It Help You?

Ever since the Farm Bill came into effect back in 2018, the CBD industry has blossomed. Nowadays, there’s such a huge selection of CBD products, including tinctures, topicals, resins, and so much more. Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the lesser-known concentrates, but one that’s a star nonetheless — CBD rosin. Let’s jump right in.

What Is CBD Rosin?

In the simplest terms, CBD rosin is a type of concentrated compound that’s found in hemp. It’s extracted using careful and deliberate application of heat and pressure to parts of the hemp plant (usually the flower) that’s been dried and cured.

Since it is somewhat easy to make CBD rosin, it’s really popular among CBD lovers. Also, because it’s now legal to cultivate hemp flowers in all 50 states, an increasing number of people has started growing their own, which helped put rosin on the map.

By pressing hemp for CBD rosin, you can reap all the wonderful benefits of CBD, along with learning a lot about the whole experience. But if you’re not into the idea of making your own, you can still shop for rosin online. 

Resin vs. Live Resin

A lot of people often mix up resin and live resin, so we thought we’d give a little insight. Basically, resin describes the trichomes (soft and sticky glands) that appear on the cannabis flower.

Resin is what secretes terpenes and cannabinoids, both of which you can find in high-quality CBD products. But if we were to extract it at a high temperature, that resin might lose all traces of terpenes.

On the other hand, live resin is the latest and hottest trend among canna-lovers, and we can find it in states like Oregon, California, and Colorado. To extract live resin, manufacturers need to use loads of high-tech equipment, and it’s not a process that we could replicate at home.

Making live resin involves harvesting the entire hemp flower, and the end result is a full-spectrum product. The biggest benefit of using live resin is that CBD manufacturers are able to preserve the plant’s original chemical profile. Unfortunately, full-spectrum products are still pretty expensive, and not as accessible as CBD rosin.

Benefits of CBD Rosin

CBD rosin is the absolute best choice for those who are looking to get the most out of their cannabis concentrates. It packs a powerful punch, without getting us high or making us experience any side effects.

Since it comes from non-psychoactive hemp, rosin doesn’t contain any psychoactive compounds. That means it delivers a high concentration of CBD, but without the effects of feeling high. What’s more, it’s pretty fast-acting, which is ideal for those using it to treat conditions like insomnia or chronic pain.

Another incredible benefit of rosin is that there aren’t any potentially harmful solvents in it. It’s completely clean and devoid of any sort of toxic matter. 

But the reason so many people are choosing rosin is that it’s so easy to make, even at home. There’s no need for any sort of special or expensive equipment, just a bit of time and understanding.

Lastly (and this is a big one), rosin is pretty inexpensive. Unlike some tinctures or pomades, it’s on the cheaper side since the only thing we need to make is a solid hemp flower. 

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Why Are So Many People Making Their Own CBD Rosin?

For starters, making high-quality resin at home doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The best thing to use is, of course, hemp flowers, but there are other options as well. 

Instead of hemp, we can also use hash, kief, or shake. But one thing to keep in mind is that hemp flowers are what yield the highest concentration of cannabinoids.

Shakes, on the other hand, are basically cannabis leftovers, which contain some amount of flower in them. Also, hashish is already a pressed resin made from the cannabis plant. Then, there’s kief, which is made up of trichomes that have fallen off hemp buds during the grind.

That means that we could use any three of these alternatives to make rosin. It might take a bit longer, but the results are still spectacular.

Final Thoughts 

CBD rosin is chock-full of incredible health benefits, and it’s really easy to make. Sourcing and pressing the ingredients is pretty inexpensive, and even total cannabis beginners could do it. For all those reasons and many more, we’d definitely recommend trying to make your own rosin at home.

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