CBD for Acid Reflux — Can It Treat Heartburn?

Most people in the world have, at some point, experienced acid reflux, and it’s that annoying sensation in our chest that feels like something’s on fire. Traditional, over-the-counter, medicine usually only tackles the symptoms, which is why CBD for acid reflux has been a revelation. Let’s see how and why it works, and which companies make the best oils on the market.

What Is Acid Reflux?

Acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux (GER) is a medical condition that causes nausea, vomiting, and difficulty swallowing. It is essentially what happens when the acid in our stomachs travels to the throat, rather than staying in the stomach. In the process, the esophagus usually gets irritated, causing a burning feeling in the chest.

There are numerous things that can cause acid reflux, but it most often happens because the muscles that control the esophagus and stomach aren’t properly closing. That causes the food and the acid to travel back the wrong way, making us feel bad. Most people report experiencing acid reflux after a heavy meal, coffee, or alcohol. 

In some cases, you can avoid acid reflux with a lifestyle change and staying away from certain foods or drinks. However, when the condition worsens, over-the-counter drugs are usually the only thing that helps.

That being said, the medicine for acid reflux often comes with a long list of side effects. So more and more people are turning to CBD in the hopes of finally treating the condition.

Difference Between GER and GERD

Before we go on, we just wanted to take a second and explain the difference between the terms GER and GERD. Unlike GER, which is what most people feel every once in a while, GERD is classified as a disease.

People who are suffering from GERD, experience acid reflux a few times a week, regardless of their diets. Not only is that uncomfortable, but it can lead to some serious problems down the line. In fact, GERD can cause ulcers, esophageal obstruction, and even cancer.

How CBD Can Treat Acid Reflux

By interacting with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), CBD works to keep our body in total balance. More specifically, CBD oil has a direct influence on reducing acid secretion and treating inflammation. 

What’s more, CBD can affect gastrointestinal motility, intestinal and gastric acid secretion, as well as appetite control. But one of the biggest benefits of using CBD for acid reflux is that it has virtually no side effects. It’s also non-addictive, and non-psychoactive.

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The Best CBD for Acid Reflux — The Top Five Picks

  1. Spruce

If you’re just starting out on your CBD journey, we’d recommend the 750 mg Spruce CBD oil, since it is pretty mild. However, Spruce also makes a 2,400 mg max potency version, which is perfect for those who want something stronger. Both oils are full-spectrum, 100% natural, don’t contain any pesticides, and have been lab-tested.

  1. Kono Naturals

Kono Naturals makes a wide variety of CBD oils, with potencies ranging from 250 mg to 1,500 mg. You can also choose between three different flavors, including Natural, Peppermint, and Citrus. They’re all full-spectrum formulas that are vegan, gluten-free, and contain less than 0.3% of THC. Also, they all come in 1 fl oz bottles.

  1. CBD BioCare

The full-spectrum oils from CBD BioCare come in a couple of sizes and potencies. The lowest potency is 500 mg, while the highest one is 3,500 mg. You can buy all the oils in a Try It size, which is 0.17 fl oz, and it’s perfect for when you’re figuring out your dosage.

  1. Gold Bee

The 1,200 mg, full-spectrum CBD oil from Gold Bee is premium quality, and it comes in a 1 fl oz bottle. The only other ingredients, apart from CBD, are MCT oil, terpenes, and natural honey flavor. Gold Bee’s oil has been tested in a third-party lab to verify its potency, and THC content, which is less than 0.3%.

  1. Royal CBD

Using a supercritical CO2 extraction process, Royal CBD is able to make high-quality oils. The non-GMO and gluten-free formula comes in four potencies. Also, the CBD in them is derived from organic hemp, which is grown using sustainable farming practices. You can pick between a few flavors, including Natural, Berry, Mint, and Vanilla.

Final Thoughts 

CBD for acid reflux is proving to be an extraordinary treatment, and it’s showing a lot of promise. However, if you’ve never used CBD oil before, getting the correct dosage right off the bat might be tricky. That’s why we suggest starting with the lower dosages and working your way up, or talking with your doctor and getting a recommendation from them.

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