How to Use CBD Oil for Candida Suppression

The human body is an ecosystem that sustains many different kinds of organisms, including fungi. Many of these creatures help our bodies perform the most basic functions — like the bacteria that live in our gut. However, when the helpful kind of bacteria goes out of whack, it leaves space for fungi like candida to grow out of control. But can we use CBD oil for candida regulation?

Before we get to the bottom of that question, let’s take a moment to explain why we need to keep candida under control. You see, letting it run rampant can cause us to experience many unpleasant symptoms, including:

  • White, bumpy patches across the gums, tongue, inner cheeks, tonsils, and throat (oral thrush)
  • Fungal breakouts on the nails and skin, particularly between the fingers, under the arms, and between the legs
  • Digestive issues due to the bacterial disbalance in the gut which is often exacerbated by overly sweet foods
  • Recurring UTIs and genital infections which are especially common in female patients
  • Fatigue — since candida usually comes as a package deal with several nutritional deficiencies
  • Stiffness and joint pain that set in once the fungi enter the bloodstream

But why does this condition plague so many people across all demographic groups? What could cannabidiol possibly do for those who suffer from it? Let’s find out.

Candida Causes and Prevention

As we have established, candida exists in most bodies. However, it only causes problems if something disrupts the delicate balance of bacteria that live in and on humans. Unfortunately, many things can trigger an expansion of fungi, from illness or taking antibiotics to pregnancy.

What’s more, you can aggravate the condition by eating too many sweets and carbs, drinking too much alcohol, or even taking oral contraceptive pills. And if that makes you anxious, try to meditate — stress can trigger candida, too!

Ultimately, the best thing you can do to prevent candida flare-ups is avoid potential triggers. Keep your immune system strong, don’t abuse antibiotics, and keep your diet healthy. Certain foods, like garlic, ginger, and oregano oil, could help you fight infections as well.

Additionally, you should maintain the good bacteria in your body by taking probiotics. But how does CBD oil fit into this treatment plan?

How Can We Use CBD Oil for Candida?

Most people think that the benefits of CBD oil are limited to the mental health sphere. And it’s true, cannabidiol can be used to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety. Mind you, those effects will also ensure that your stress levels are low enough to keep your candida at bay in the first place. But that’s not the only reason to add CBD oil to your candida care kit.

CBD’s efficacy at treating chronic pain, nausea, diabetes, and menstrual issues could all come into play here. Moreover, both CBD and certain terpenes have antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that could help you fight off infections. According to a 2019 study in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment, some cannabinoids could also be used to soothe itching. That’s excellent news for people struggling from fungal breakouts! 

Best CBD Oil for Candida Suppression

Now, all we need to do is find a CBD oil manufacturer you can trust to help you with your fungal foe.

1. Gold Bee Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Gold Bee CBD oil is available in three potency levels ranging from 300 to 1200 mg of CBD per ounce. Applying the full-spectrum oil under your tongue will greatly reduce any discomfort you feel in your mouth as a result of a fungal infection. And the company also makes gummies and gel capsules you could try.

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2. Royal CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

The full-spectrum CBD oil from Royal CBD is available in potencies ranging from 250 to 2500 mg of CBD per ounce of product. However, not all potency levels are available in all the flavors the company offers. In addition to the CBD oil products, the company also makes capsules and gummies. But if you mostly have skin symptoms, you may prefer one of its topical treatments.

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3. NuLeaf Naturals Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

This Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil comes in five potency levels ranging from 300 to 6000 mg. The manufacturer is committed to organic farming, so the hemp itself was protected from harmful environmental influences. And thanks to the careful extraction process the company uses, the product still retains all the natural components found in the plant.

4. cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture

The cbdMD oil tincture is available in six potency levels ranging from 300 to 7500 mg per ounce bottle. More interestingly, it comes in a range of interesting flavors, though we recommend the mint one if you’re looking for CBD oil for candida control.

5. SabaiDee Super Good Vibes CBD Oil

Like the previous product we’ve mentioned, most of the SabaiDee CBD oil products have a minty flavor. The peppermint oil in the tincture has a cooling and calming effect, while the different potency levels allow the user to adjust their experience. The company also makes balms and creams that also contain a mixture of soothing and moisturizing oils.

A Few Parting Words

If your body is incapable of defending itself against fungi flare-ups despite your best efforts, you could try using CBD oil for candida. Ingesting the tincture will soothe any of the symptoms inside your mouth but also help the body fight the infection from the inside.

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