Blackberry Kush Strain Brings the Zest

The Blackberry Kush strain is often recommended to people who are suffering from chronic pain. However, its popularity is also influenced by the complexity of its flavor profile. It simultaneously suits people who like fruity aromas and those who prefer the traditional fuel-like taste of kush. Of course, those aren’t the only things that make this strain so special.

What Makes the Blackberry Kush Strain Recognizable?

At first glance, there’s not much that visually distinguishes this strain from many others. It’s fairly short and stout with dense purple and orange buds. The plant takes about two months to flower and even then it doesn’t have a particularly high yield. Still, it only takes a little to experience the sweet potency of this strain.

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Indica-Dominant Hybrid

As you may know, most cannabis hybrids fall somewhere on the spectrum between Indicas and Sativas. But in this case, we have a strain that leans so far toward its Indica roots, it’s practically a pureblood. Even though it’s a combination of the Afghani and Blackberry cannabis families, the Blackberry Kush strain is about 80% Indica.

Of course, that makes sense, considering it’s the product of an Indica and a hybrid. But what does that mean for us?

Well, in the past, people have ascribed all sorts of meanings to these classifications. Namely, they’ve considered Indica varieties to have more physically sedating effects while Sativas produced more energizing highs. Nowadays, we mostly use these terms to describe the shape and size of the plants, with Indicas being shorter than Sativas.

Naturally, hybrids usually escape the confines of these categories. But, thanks to the overwhelming influence of Indica parentage in this plant, Blackberry Kush mostly has Indica characteristics. As it happens, this strain is famous for its soothing and sedating effects. So it typifies the Indica stereotypes we’ve mentioned above.

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Potent THC Carrier

If you want to know the effect a strain will have on you as the consumer, check its cannabinoid profile. The main two components you’ll have to worry about are THC and CBD. Since this strain contains the usual amount of CBD — just under 1% — we’ll focus on the psychoactive component.

According to most lab tests, plants in the Blackberry Kush strains contain between 14 and 18% THC. That amount of THC can be incredibly potent when mixed with the right flavor profile.

Fruity and Zesty Flavor Profile

As its name suggests, Blackberry Kush has a very aromatic, fruity essence. It also has a rather pungent fuel smell, which can make it difficult to grow inside. But what gives different cannabis strains their unique flavor profiles?

Most plants contain a multitude of aromatic compounds known as terpenes. These compounds are responsible for the way all plants, including cannabis, taste and smell. According to researchers, they also enhance the natural effects of plants, which is especially evident in cannabis strains. So what can we learn from the Blackberry Kush terpene profile?

Well, the most dominant aromatic note in this strain comes from a terpene that’s fairly common in cannabis plants — myrcene. That compound is what gives most cannabis plants their earthy, herbal scent that can be a bit overwhelming at times.

The strain also contains limonene, which accounts for the zesty taste and the soothing effects of the strain. Additionally, it also features caryophyllene to a lesser extent, which makes the strain slightly spicy as well. That terpene is probably the reason why this strain is so popular for people who are seeking pain relief. Its anti-inflammatory effects should reduce any pain and swelling you might be feeling.

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What Does Smoking the Blackberry Kush Strain Feel Like?

Now that we know what makes the Blackberry Kush strain recognizable, let’s talk about what it’s like to smoke. According to most consumers, this strain has a very sedating, calming effect. With that in mind, we’re going to recommend that you only smoke it at night. Otherwise, you’d end up in a daze for most of your day.

In effect, you could use this strain to achieve relaxing, happy, and sleepy vibes. But if you don’t like the heady fuel flavor that features heavily in old-school strains, you may not like this one either. Still, the sweet and zesty berry notes may distract you enough to enjoy the beneficial effects of the strain.

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A Few Parting Words

The Blackberry Kush strain is a great fit for anyone looking to experience a full-body high one can only get from a potent Indica hybrid. Most people use the strain to relieve pain as well as treat insomnia. However, the euphoric feelings it induces also make it a good choice for those suffering from depression and anxiety.

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