Flo Strain: Get Your Groove On With DJ Short’s Marijuana Strain

If you wanted to smoke a light, fragrant bud, you couldn’t do better than DJ Short’s Flo strain. The plant is light and energizing, making it perfect for a morning puff or a midday pick-me-up. But what exactly makes this strain so great? That’s what we’re here to find out.

What Makes the Flo Strain Recognizable?

The Flo strain is most notable for winning the Cannabis Cup of 1996. It was made by the cannabis seed bank Dutch Passion and propagated by DJ Short. Later on, it was used to make other strains, often making the results refreshing and more palatable. Now let’s talk about what makes this strain such an iconic specimen.

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It’s a Lively Hybrid Strain

The Flo strain is the result of crossing the Purple Thai Sativa with an Afghani Indica. The resulting plant is capable of being harvested multiple times, which is how it got its name — it creates an overflow of buds. Moreover, the buds in question are usually thick and pear-shaped with flecks of purple and orange throughout. The plant matures fairly quickly, growing tall and flowering within 55 days.

Now, there’s no telling how much of an influence the two parent strains had on this plant. However, we believe it’s safe to assume the Flo strain is about 60% Sativa, as some reports indicate.

Even though the Sativa and Indica dichotomy mostly refers to the shape of the plant, many users have noted differences in the effects the two strains give us. So the shorter Indica varieties usually have a more relaxing effect, while the taller Sativas are more energizing. That leads us to believe that Purple Thai is the dominant strain in Flo, even though hybrids often exhibit traits of both parent plants.

Of course, we can’t just look at a plant’s family tree — so to speak. We must take into account the unique mix of cannabinoids and terpenes it contains. So let’s see what those components can reveal about this stunning strain.

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It Has an Average Amount of THC

When it comes to cannabinoids, there are only two we need to concern ourselves with — THC and CBD. As we all know, THC is the main psychoactive component of cannabis, the thing that makes us high. Meanwhile, CBD is a lesser-known cannabinoid that mostly highlights a plant’s medicinal effects. So how much of these compounds does the Flo strain have?

Well, the original Flo strain that won the 1996 Cannabis Cup had up to 14% of THC and as little as 0.26% of CBD. Today, the plants in this strain have between 14 and 17% of THC, which is still the average amount most cannabis strains have. The CBD content has remained under 1%, so it’s basically negligible.

Even so, this strain has successfully been used to treat conditions like depression, anxiety, and even chronic pain disorders. However, that may have more to do with the mix of terpenes it contains than anything else.

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It Has an Almost Fruity Aroma

The smell and taste of a cannabis plant are almost as important as its cannabinoid content, particularly when both THC and CBD are present in average or below-average amounts. So what determines those properties in this case?

As with most vegetation, the taste and smell of cannabis primarily come from terpenes. Each plant contains a complex mixture of different aromatic compounds that give it its unique flavor profile. These compounds can also contribute to the energizing or sedating effects that are grounded in the factors we’ve already mentioned.

In this case, the Flo strain has a piney and citrusy smell and taste, which means that it probably contains pinene and limonene. It likely also contains myrcene, a terpene that gives most cannabis strains their recognizable, earthy scent and taste. When you inhale this strain, though, you’ll probably get a hint of a minty aftertaste as well, indicating the presence of eucalyptol.

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What Is the Experience of Smoking DJ Short’s Flo Strain Like?

Now that we’ve gone through the whole table of contents, let’s talk about what all this means. From the top, we have established that the Flo strain is an incredibly convenient plant capable of flowering several times. Moreover, the buds are on the dry side, so you’ll be able to load them into a bowl without having a sticky mess on your hands.

The smell of the plant is a bit sour with a hint of mint and a faint citrusy aroma. However, the taste is sweet and soothing, a combination of citrus and pine. Overall, we’d wholeheartedly recommend this strain to those who are new to cannabis and just want a mild experience.

Most people who try Flo just become chatty and bubbly after a few hits. The plant works to relax the body and focus the mind, making it perfect for treating anxiety and depression. Additionally, some people have also successfully used Flo to control symptoms of ADHD and even bipolar disorder. Despite the low amount of CBD in the strain, it should also be able to alleviate migraines and joint pain.

A Few Parting Words

Overall, DJ Short’s Flo strain is perfect for those who want to experience a slight buzz without immediately succumbing to a nap. Since it contains a relatively low amount of THC, you’ll be able to smoke it all day long without losing your wits.

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