Kansas Democrats support medical marijuana

Supporters of medical marijuana have new momentum, now that Kansas Democrats announce they will support bills to legalize the drug for medical purposes next session.

The announcement was made Saturday night in Wichita during the Demofest convention.

On page 7 of the platform, it says “Kansas Democrats support the availability of marijuana for medical use and protection of patients from criminal arrest and prosecution.”

Some believe those words will change talks in Topeka next year.

“It was one of those moments when you finally realize this is going to happen,” said David Mulford, who supports medical marijuana.”It was all of us that made this happen.”

Mulford has been fighting to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas for years. He tells me marijuana oil is the only thing that helps ease his pain from hernias and muscle spasms.

“We have 22 states with now medical marijuana on the books, you have a lot of talk on the federal level,” Mulford added. “Not only the medical marijuana, but the industrial hemp. Now you have a way for the farmers to benefit.”

Mulford is happy Kansas Democrats are backing his beliefs and plan to support medical marijuana and hemp bills in the next session.

“One in six juveniles who try it will become addicted,” said Reno County Assistant District Attorney Tom Stanton.

Stanton feels those statistics are often ignored in the medical marijuana debate.

“What you do is create that black market for that drug,” Stanton says.

Stanton doesn’t feel there is enough support in Topeka to pass a medical marijuana bill this year, or anytime soon.

Even supporters like Mulford are staying cautiously optimistic.